Postdoc positions at Participating Israeli Universities

Postdoc position at the Yehezkeli Lab
Yehezkeli Lab
The Laboratory of Nano-Bio Interfaces, The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
For more information contact:
Omer Yehezkeli

Postdoc position at the Yehezkeli Lab

In the Yehezkeli lab, we investigate how nanomaterials and electrodes can activate enzymes and living cells, or how proteins or cells can be utilized for nanomaterials synthesis. We use the unique properties of nanomaterials (electrical, optical) in conjugation with enzymes to gain a synergetic effect in catalysis and sensing. Our goal is to construct novel nano-bio hybrid systems with unnatural triggers like light irradiation for enzyme activation.

As a multi-disciplinary lab, our tools vary from electrochemical setups and a glove box to plasmid design and separation columns.

The lab research is mainly focused on these scientific topics:

  • Controlled synthesis of nanomaterials in conjugation with proteins for in vivo and in vitro applications. We aim to design new strains of bacteria that will consist of an add-on, a nano-element that add new properties to the bacteria strain
  • Biosensing. We develop new low-cost amperometric biosensing devices for biomarkers like glucose and lactate. We also utilized the developed sensing electrodes for the construction of biofuel cells and wearable devices.
  • Renewable Energy. We aim to develop novel biotic/abiotic systems that work synergetically to utilize light irradiation for the generation of ammonia, fuels or electrical power. The work includes electrodeposition methods, nanomaterials design and synthesis, and protein expression and purification.

The lab is very multidisciplinary so different backgrounds in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, biology and bioengineering could fit.