Dr. Alon Grinberg Dana

Dr. Alon Grinberg Dana
Dr. Alon Grinberg Dana
Israeli Postdoctoral Scholar
2016-2017 Cohort
Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Green Research Group
  • William Green
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Dr. Grinberg Dana’s research interests cover several areas in the crossroads of the Chemical Engineering discipline and Applied Energy research, combining both computational chemistry and experimental approaches. His major research interest is in scalable novel low-carbon approaches to the global energy and environmental crisis. Dr. Grinberg Dana’s PhD is from the Grand Technion Energy Program where he suggested a new paradigm for large-scale energy storage in the form of nitrogen-based alternative fuels, which he has demonstrated to be both environmentally friendly as well as competitive with carbon-based fuels on an energy basis.

His PhD research lead to ten published peer-reviewed journal articles with several more under way. Already recognized as a leader by the researchers he has worked with, he has mentored numerous graduate, undergraduate, and high school students in many settings, and was a head teaching assistant throughout his studies. Dr. Grinberg Dana’s interest in clean and safe combustion, and specifically in scalable novel low-carbon approaches to the global energy and environmental crisis, led him to his current position as a Postdoctoral researcher in the Green Group at the Chemical Engineering Department of MIT. His current research in computational chemistry enhances the Reaction Mechanism Generator (RMG) open-source software with nitrogen chemistry, making it the first automatic mechanism generation software to comprehensively include nitrogen. The Zuckerman Fellowship will allow him to continue working at the same lab, boosted by an even larger supplement from the department there. Besides his many academic awards, he has won teaching awards for every semester he has taught.