Dr. David Weinreich

Dr. David Weinreich
Dr. David Weinreich
Postdoctoral Scholar
2020-2021 Cohort
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Department of Architecture and Town Planning
  • Fair Transport Lab
  • Karel Martens
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Dr. Weinreich earned his PhD in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of

Michigan. His research focuses on the impact that governance and financial structures can have on accessibility to jobs and essential services, particularly for disadvantaged populations.

At the Technion’s Department of Architecture and Town Planning, Dr. Weinreich compares cross-national norms and institutions that support public transit systems in Israel and Europe, and the cross-jurisdictional structures in place for ensuring robust public transport access and coverage.

Previously, at the University of Michigan, Dr. Weinreich examined ways in which governance structures enable or prevent equitable public transport systems in urbanized regions across the United States. His research led to innovations such as a better understanding ways to overcome transport fragmentation caused by taxing structures, as well as the recent proliferation of private on-demand services. Dr. Weinreich served as a policy analyst for the California Legislature and was a principal investigator for three Department of Transportation-funded studies on transit governance in the United States.

This is Dr. Weinreich’s second postdoc. At the University of Texas at Arlington, his research focused on developing transit governance measures that can be applied to any metropolitan system.