Dr. Michael Roysdon

Dr. Michael Roysdon
Dr. Michael Roysdon
Postdoctoral Scholar
2020-2021 Cohort
Tel Aviv University
Department of Pure Math

For his PhD in Mathematics at Kent State University in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Dr. Michael Roysdon concentrated on convex geometry and asymptotic geometric analysis, also called high-dimensional geometry. High-dimensional geometry—the analysis of geometric objects of dimension more than three, tending to infinity—bridges the gap between convex geometry and geometric tomography, functional analysis and probability.

At Tel Aviv University, Dr. Roysdon continues to focus on high-dimensional geometry. The Department of Pure Math, part of the School of Mathematical Sciences, is known for its high-quality research in geometric analysis, asymptotic convex geometry, and probability. Dr. Roysdon also hopes to work with researchers at the Technion and the Weizmann Institute of Science. He is already experienced in international collaboration, having co-written papers with researchers from Canada, Spain, and Italy.

Dr. Roysdon notes that the study of high-dimensional geometry has become rich in recent years, finding numerous applications in probability theory through the concept of concentration of measure (in particular, in random matrice theory), in partial differential equations, and also in other areas of mathematics such as information theory, crystal physics, computer science, and data science, where it has even been used for applications in mass transportation.