Seven labs established in 2023
Calling Israeli Scientists in North America: Establish your own advanced lab at one of eight participating Israeli universities
What’s Happening
How are birds adapting to human-induced climate change and human-altered habitats?
Scholar spotlight

Krista Oswald, Zuckerman postdoctoral scholar at Ben-Gurion University, is studying movement ecology in the Negev desert, specifically colonies of Arabian babblers, a highly social bird population found in dry arid regions of the Middle East.

Zuckerman Labs
Israel’s Brain Gain
Zuckerman funded cutting-edge labs are accelerating STEM research at Israel’s top institutions. Zuckerman Faculty Scholars demonstrate leadership and overall excellence in innovative and award-winning research. Zuckerman scholarship draws the brightest young minds to pursue their research in Israel, and promotes collaboration with research groups globally.
Dr. Limor Freifeld, Zuckerman Faculty Scholar at Technion
Advancing women in STEM

We continue to lead the way in advancing women in STEM at Israel’s academic institutions. and proudly continue to expand the community with significant partnerships and opportunities.

49% of Zuckerman scholars now enrolled in the program are women. Each female scholar is making an impact in her field, creating a larger group of peers, and easing the way for other women to be accepted.

Dr. Limor Freifeld, Zuckerman Faculty Scholar at Technion
Mort Zuckerman
Mortimer B. Zuckerman envisioned a shared future of scientific growth and collaboration for Israel and the United States.
Thanks to his initiative, tremendous academic alliances have been set in motion, and hundreds of young researchers are given the opportunity to pursue the highest level of research in Israel and the United States.