Zuckerman Institute

The Zuckerman Institute was established in 2015 to achieve the philanthropic vision of Mortimer B. Zuckerman – to enhance collaboration and communication among the most promising scholars in science, technology, engineering, and math in Israel, the United States and Canada.

Times are changing. Technology has brought us closer and piqued our interest in all facets of life. Science and philanthropy are changing as well, both hoping to provide our society with enlightenment.

A gap exists between scientists on the one hand, and the business and philanthropic communities on the other. The Zuckerman Institute strives to bring them together with dynamic alternatives to traditional resources. The Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program, jointly operated by the Zuckerman Institute and universities in Israel and the US, enables scientists and scholars to push forward with their boldest research and take the risks necessary to find solutions for tomorrow.

The Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program has facilitated a continuous and robust dialogue through its international exchange of scholars, conferences, symposia, webcasts, publications, and countless other programs.With this ongoing collaboration, we, as an international community, not only benefit from countless academic and scientific breakthroughs, we also witness first-hand how this international partnership makes the participating countries stronger, more prosperous, and more secure.