Zuckerman Institute – ScienceAbroad

Zuckerman Institute – ScienceAbroad


We are proud to continue partnering and collaborating with ScienceAbroad as part of the Zuckerman STEM Leadership program’s outreach to Israeli scientists in North America.

ScienceAbroad is an Israel-based nonprofit organization that harnesses the power of senior Israeli scientists who are living outside of Israel. Through its wide-reaching professional and social network, ScienceAbroad inspires connections with local communities, international scientists and those in Israel. The network advances scientific achievements, bolsters the Israeli identity of scientists living overseas, and helps facilitate the return of great minds to Israel. Since its inception in 2006, ScienceAbroad has grown to over 4,000 members across 300 campuses, with 30 branches around the world run by scientists who volunteer their time and expertise.

The Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program supports Science Abroad’s annual meetings with presentations, briefings and recruitment events in partnership with the 23 ScienceAbroad managers who are involved in creating a dynamic network for Israeli scientists in the US.

“The Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program, together with ScienceAbroad, recognizes the challenges scholars face when transitioning from a postdoc abroad to their own independent lab in Israel,” said Lina Deshilton, Zuckerman Institute Israel’s Executive Director. “The Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program and ScienceAbroad will continue to work together to advance scientific achievements and help facilitate the return of great minds to Israel”

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