First Things First

First Things First:

What I’ve gained in my first year as a Zuckerman faculty scholar in Israel

Meet the cohort of seven returning faculty scholars for 2021-2022 as they briefly describe the experience of running their own lab in Israel after several years in the US.

August, 2022
Dekel Rosenfeld Lab, Tel Aviv University
The Dekel Rosenfeld lab develops magnetic functional materials to interact with electrogenic cells for neuromodulation and control over peripheral organ function. The lab hopes to develop new tools that advance the biomedical research to repair organ dysfunction and study organ-brain communication in health and disease.
August, 2022
Omri Ram Lab, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
The transient flow lab for the study of high-speed phenomena in fluid mechanics
August, 2022
Ramot Lab, Weizmann Institute of Science
The Ramot Lab studies multiple large-scale interactions of cognitive domains, including perception, action, memory, learning, and social cognition, and how they support the network level synthesis of interdependent cognitive processes.
August, 2022
Lobel Lab, Bar-Ilan University
How diet affects gut microbiome composition and activity, which in turn modulates the host physiology