Zuckerman Faculty Scholars Gathering

Zuckerman Institute Trustee James Gertler Addresses Zuckerman Faculty Scholars In Israel
Zuckerman Faculty Scholars Gathering
Zuckerman Faculty Scholars Gathering
November 13, 2019
Tel Aviv, Israel

Zuckerman trustee James Gertler led a discussion with Zuckerman faculty scholars at Israeli universities at a special breakfast held on November 13th, 2019.

The program facilitates the return of top Israeli scholars to Israeli institutions, cultivates world class scientific talent, and in turn, attracts outstanding postdoctoral researchers from top Western universities, creating a cycle of excellence.

The scholars discussed the program’s significance, impressive achievements and explosive growth in the relatively short time since the program began.


“In just three years, the Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program has experienced impressive growth and results,” Gertler said. “When we began in 2016, there were 14 scholars in the program, 12 participating North American universities, and four Israeli universities. There are currently 125 scholars, 63 US and Canadian universities, and seven Israeli universities participating in the program. We’re proud of continuing the cross-cultural collaboration between the United States and Israel to advance STEM academic research, and we look forward to continued growth and success as we move forward.”