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Quantum Materials

Lab Research Areas

The lab strives to understand collective quantum phenomena in solids. They look at superconductivity, exotic magnetism, nontrivial topology and other exotic quantum phenomena on very short timescales using intense laser pulses.

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Scholar Profile

As an undergraduate, Alon Ron, a double major in physics and electrical engineering, debated whether to take on engineering challenges for his career, or to resolve basic science questions as a physicist. A week at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee (which he describes as “magnificent”) gave him an appetite for basic science, leading him to complete a direct PhD in Physics at Tel Aviv University. From there, he went on to Caltech for a postdoc.

Returning to TAU, in the School of Physics and Astronomy, Dr. Ron combines his interest in quantum phenomena in nano scale devices, which he developed during his doctoral work, with his expertise in ultrafast optical spectroscopy of quantum materials, which he gained during his postdoc.  His goal is to dynamically stabilize out-of-equilibrium electronic phases of matter in quantum materials.

He is grateful to be a Zuckerman fellow, allowing him to quickly set up his lab, train students, and undertake his research, as well as join a network of bright minds from different backgrounds, which he points out is a crucial aspect of science today. He also hopes to reconnect with his engineering training, achieving greater understanding of novel materials which could serve as platforms for the realization of future technology.

Principal Investigator
Dr. Alon Ron
Zuckerman Faculty Scholar
Established 2020