Postdoc positions at Participating Israeli Universities

Postdoctoral position at Weizmann Institute
Lab Opening
Investigating the atmospheric chemistry of organic aerosol aging, physical properties, and potential health effects
Faculty of Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science
For more information contact:
Professor Yinon Rudich

Postdoctoral position at Weizmann Institute

Description and lab research areas:

Aerosols participate in many environmental processes affecting the climate, human health and ecosystems. The qualified candidate will work on topics related to organic aerosol aging, physical properties, and potential health effects. Our research efforts focus on: a) understanding the origin, molecular composition, atmospheric transformations, and optical properties of light-absorbing organic aerosols (anthropogenic, biogenic, urban, and biomass burning SOA), and b) connecting aerosol composition, its changes, and the resulting health effects. Some relevant papers:

  1. Fang, C. Li, Q. He, H. Czech, T. Gröger, J. Zeng, H. Fang, S. Xiao, M. Pardo, E. Hartner, D. Meidan, X. Wang, R. Zimmermann, A. Laskin, Y. Rudich, Secondary organic aerosols produced from photochemical oxidation of secondarily evaporated biomass burning organic gases: chemical composition, toxicity, optical properties, and climate effect, Environment International, 157, 106801 (2021).
  2. He, C. Li, K. Siemens, D. Median, APS Hettiyadura, A. Laskin, S.S. Brown, and Y. Rudich, Optical Properties of Secondary Organic Aerosol Produced by Photooxidation of Naphthalene under NOx Condition, Environmental Science and Technology 56, 4816-4827 (2022).
  3. Li, Z. Fang, H. Czech, E. Schneider, C.P. Rüger, M. Pardo, R. Zimmermann, J. Chen, A. Laskin, Y. Rudich, pH modifies the oxidative potential and peroxide content of biomass burning HULIS under dark aging, Science of the Total Environment, 834, 155365 (2022)
  4. Fang, W. Deng, X. Wang, Y. Rudich, Q. He, Y. Zhang, W. Hu, W. Song, M. Zhu, S. Lowther, Z. Wang, X. Fu, Q. Hu, X. Bi, and C. George, Evolution of Light Absorption Properties during Photochemical Aging of Straw Open Burning Aerosols, Science of the Total Environment, in press (2022).
  5. M. Tomlin, J. Weis, D.P. Veghte, S. China, M. Fraund, Q. He, N. Reicher, C. Li, K.A. Jankowski, F.A. Rivera-Adorno, A.C. Morales, Y. Rudich, R.C. Moffet, M.K. Gilles, A. Laskin, Chemical Composition and Morphological Analysis of Atmospheric Particles from an Intensive Bonfire Burning Festival, Environmental Science: Atmospheres, DOI: 10.1039/d2ea00037g, (2022).


Required elements for research-based postdoc applications

Ph.D. in chemistry, chemical or environmental engineering, with a solid background in atmospheric and analytical chemistry and technology. Strong publication record. Prior hands-on experience with aerosol analytical and physical chemistry. Expertise with some of the advanced analytical techniques for aerosol technology, such as HR- ToF – AMS, oxidation flow reactors (PAM), aerosol characterization and handling (such as SMPS, APS, CPC, flow control). Experience with analytical chemistry is advantageous (FTIR, Raman and UV-Vis spectroscopy). Additional requirements include practice with handling and interpretation of multi-modal data sets; complex data analysis, computer programming skills, experience in working in a research team environment, good oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, initiative, creative and innovative thinking.

Contact information: Prof. Yinon Rudich
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Weizmann Institute, Rehovot 76100, Israel
Tel: 972 8 934 4237