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Ph.D. student/Post-doc for a project on mechanical metamaterials
Mechanics of Advanced Materials
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
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Prof. Gal Shmuel

Ph.D. student/Post-doc for a project on mechanical metamaterials

Current technology enables the production of materials with coupled physics, and the design of theirstructure at small length scales. These capabilities paved the way to metamaterials with extraordinaryproperties such as negative mass and moduli, that can be actuated by external stimuli such as electric andthermal fields. Metamaterials show promise for various applications in soft robotics, energy transport,functional materials, and more. The mechanics of advanced materials group seeks to promote theengineering of such novel materials, by a fundamental understanding of their structure-property relationsand coupled mechanics. To this end, we combine analytical and numerical methods with basicexperiments.

Our group is a part of the faculty of mechanical engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, located along the Mediterranean in Haifa, Israel, ranked in top 100 universities, houses 3 Nobel laureates, and is a world leader in scientific research and technology development. Technion is recognized as the engine of Israel’s “start-up nation”, as Technion graduates lead 59 of the 121 Israeli companies listed on NASDAQ.

Our research is funded by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), Binational Science Foundation (BSF), and Ministry Of Science and Technology (MOST).

Interested candidates should submit their complete application including a CV and a short motivation letter to Prof. Gal Shmuel at

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Information on the Principal Investigator
Prof. Gal Shmuel received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Ben-Gurion University in 2012. Thereafter, he was a Postdoctoral Associate at the California Institute of Technology. Since 2014, he is an assistant Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion, Israel. His research is concerned with the mechanics of active materials, which deform and change their properties by application of external stimuli; soft materials, capable of undergoing large deformations; and heterogeneous media, such as composites and polycrystals.