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Postdoc position open at Gil Levkowitz Lab
Gil Levkowitz Lab
Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Faculty of Biology
Weizmann Institute of Science
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Gil Levkowitz

Postdoc position open at Gil Levkowitz Lab

We utilize zebrafish to investigate development and function of neurons that reside in the hypothalamus. These neurons regulate fundamental body functions including sleep, blood pressure, temperature, hunger and metabolism, thirst and satiety, stress and social behavior.

Our main goals are to identify the molecular mechanisms underlying:

  • Morphogenesis and cell biology of the hypothalamo-neurohypophyseal system (NHS), an important neuroendocrine conduit between brain and blood through which neurohormones are released into the general circulation without disrupting the blood-brain barrier.
  • How early developmental processes affect the physiological function of the mature hypothalamus focusing on stress and social behaviour.
  • Key words: hypothalamus, neurohypophysis, oxytocin, neuro-vascular, stress, social behaviour

Required elements for research-based postdoc applications:
We look for excellent, openminded and driven candidates

Contact information
Department of Molecular Cell Biology
The Weizmann Institute of Science
234 Herzl St.
Rehovot 7610001, ISRAEL