Dr. Aviv Karnieli

Dr. Aviv Karnieli
Dr. Aviv Karnieli
Israeli Postdoctoral Scholar
2023-2024 Cohort
Stanford University
Department of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering
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For his PhD in Physics at Tel Aviv University, Aviv Karnieli researched classical and quantum nonlinear optical interactions as well as interactions of free electrons with light and matter. He was supported by the prestigious Adams fellowship of the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities, awarded nationwide to eight PhD students from all academic fields.

Dr. Karnieli hopes his postdoctoral research in the Department of Applied Physics at Stanford University will promote further advancements in quantum computers, which could potentially solve problems that classical computers cannot. In the optical domain, where quantum information is carried by light particles (photons), one of the leading strategies has been based up till now on the interactions between photons and stationary matter particles coupled to optical cavities. Dr. Karnieli takes this a step further, examining the interactions between quantum optical systems and unconventional flying matter particles such as free electrons and ions. These interactions can operate much faster than conventional ones, are more robust, and enable both local and global addressing of distant cavities. These traits may potentially lead to advances in other quantum photonic technologies, including sensing, communication and simulation.
Dr. Karnieli was drawn to Physics and Electrical Engineering because they address both fundamental and application-oriented questions, which can lead to fruitful collaboration between science and industry.

During his Bachelor’s degree, Aviv volunteered in the PERACH project at the Weizmann Institute of Science as a physics and mathematics tutor for high-school students, and during his PhD studies, he was president of the Optica student chapter at Tel Aviv University.