Dr. Eden Gaster

Dr. Eden Gaster
Dr. Eden Gaster
Israeli Postdoctoral Scholar
2022-2023 Cohort
Yale University
Department of Chemistry
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Eden Gaster’s Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Ben-Gurion University focused on developing new synthetic methods to form new C-C or C-O bonds directly from available C-H bonds. During his studies, he developed novel metal-catalyzed oxidative cross-coupling processes to form new C-C bonds between phenols and -diketones and between two tyrosines. The synthetic utility of these methods was demonstrated in constructing valuable molecular structures at high efficiency.

Thereafter, he pursued one of the most challenging and longstanding problems in the aerobic oxidation of hydrocarbons, namely, the poor selectivity of the oxidation of methylarenes to benzaldehydes under aerobic conditions. He determined new conditions that could permit more selective oxidation of these compounds. Since benzaldehydes serve as common building blocks for the pharmaceutical, fragrance, and agricultural industries, with global production estimated at thousands of tons annually, his work has great practical implications.
For his postdoctoral research at Yale University, Dr. Gaster joined a highly-advanced organic chemistry lab where he explores asymmetric reactions catalyzed by short peptides. Over the recent years, the utilization of short chiral peptides as catalysts in asymmetric transformations is a constantly growing approach that covers a wide array of stereochemical challenges which place peptide-based catalysis at the frontline of the field. Dr. Gaster hopes to establish a new peptide-based catalytic system for controlling several unique asymmetric challenges and apply it to late-stage modifications of complex molecular structures.

Dr. Gaster’s long-term goal is to pursue new synthetic methods based on sustainable modern organic chemistry to address advanced challenges in chemical synthesis and provide rapid access to complex molecular structures.