Dr. Ezra Waxman

Dr. Ezra Waxman
Dr. Ezra Waxman
Postdoctoral Scholar
2021-2022 Cohort
University of Haifa
Department of Mathematics

For his Ph.D. at Tel Aviv University, Dr. Ezra Waxman researched a classical topic in analytic number theory, namely the angular distribution of Gaussian primes. He brought modern perspectives to this investigation by relating it to Random Matrix Theory and function field arithmetic.

After completing his Ph.D. studies, Dr. Waxman spent a postdoc year at Charles University in Prague, and subsequently moved to the Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden) for a Minerva Post-doctoral Fellowship, a selective program that strengthens the cultural and scientific exchange between Germany and Israel. Dr. Waxman has presented research at over 25 university departments across the globe and is particularly passionate about building ties with mathematicians in the developing world.

At the University of Haifa, Dr. Waxman further investigates the statistical distribution of Gaussian primes, particularly in the function field setting. He aims to break down the Gaussian prime distribution into two iterated components: one governing how the integer lattice points distribute across sectors, and a second governing how the Gaussian primes distribute amongst the integer lattice points. Dr. Waxman’s work involves a diverse array of mathematical tools and relationships: number fields vs. function fields, L-functions and random matrices, and random-point distributions and Galois group computations.

Dr. Waxman has been involved in various leadership initiatives to build bridges in Israel. He has an established record as a successful mentor, and he hopes to continue to motivate and challenge students to expand their intellectual capabilities and reach their full academic potential. He has served as a calculus teacher in the “Sawiyan Project” for Arabic-Speaking Students at Tel Aviv University, designed problem sets for a Palestinian Mathematics Olympiad Team, tutored Arab-Israeli students at a secondary school in Lod, and founded a study group of Jewish and Islamic religious texts for Tel Aviv University students.