Dr. Gili Bisker

Dr. Gili Bisker
Dr. Gili Bisker
Faculty Scholar
2018-2019 Cohort
Tel Aviv University

At Tel Aviv, Dr. Bisker is in the Biomedical Engineering Department. Her interests lie at the interface between physics, life sciences, and nanotechnology engineering, and she works on health-related technologies and applications.

Dr. Bisker develops optical nanosensors for targeting biomolecules using fluorescent nanomaterials. Her goal is to utilize these optically active nanoparticles to probe living systems at the nanoscale, aiming for real-time detection of intracellular biomarker dynamics with high spatial and temporal resolution. Focusing on cancer research, her tools can enable long-term monitoring, and open new opportunities for diagnostics and treatment.

In addition to her research accomplishments, Dr. Bisker is an award-winning teacher. She completed the Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program at MIT, which emphasized evidence-based research on teaching strategies.

Prior to joining the Tel Aviv University faculty, Dr. Bisker worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Chemical Engineering Department at MIT, followed by a Research Scientist position in the MIT Physics of Living Systems group. She hopes to promote future leaders in Israeli society.