Dr. Lucas Hall

Dr. Lucas Hall
Dr. Lucas Hall
Postdoctoral Scholar
2023-2024 Cohort
University of Haifa
Department of Mathematics
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Lucas Hall’s PhD in mathematics at Arizona State University analyzed noncommutative dynamical systems and their associated crossed products. His current postdoc in the North American-lsraeli track is held jointly between the Departments of Mathematics at the University of Haifa and at Michigan State University. While much progress has been made building the dictionary connecting self-adjoint and non-self-adjoint operator algebras, their study has largely employed ad hoc techniques which neglect the intrinsic dynamics of these algebras. Dr. Hall’s research seeks to refine dynamical techniques in their application to non-self-adjoint operator algebras. He hopes to derive broad new tools in the classification of these operator algebras and their connection to their self-adjoint counterparts.

Dr. Hall values the opportunity to share the elegance of mathematics far and wide with experts and the global community at large, teaching and organizing conferences that emphasize the necessary functions that math serves in our daily lives. He sees the Zuckerman program as an opportunity for the kind of intimate cross-cultural collaboration that can support lasting progress in the field.