Dr. Matthew Cordes

Dr. Matthew Cordes
Dr. Matthew Cordes
Postdoctoral Scholar
2016-2017 Cohort
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematics

Dr. Cordes works in geometric group theory, an exciting and modem area that lies at the nexus of geometry and algebra. His central work was on Morse boundaries of spaces. He is known as an excellent researcher who explains his work with clarity and ease, and who quickly learns new topics.

At Brandeis, where he received his doctorate, he took part in a teacher training program for graduate students that included an apprenticeship program followed by teaching his own sections.

Dr. Cordes also used his pedagogical skills in several volunteer settings, including the Posse Foundation, started by a Brandeis graduate, which focuses on students with strong academic potential who might be overlooked by the traditional college-admissions process. In this context, Dr. Cordes taught a group of students from New York City who were accepted to Brandeis as a group to support each other.

Dr. Cordes takes collaboration seriously. He and current Zuckerman postdoc Emily Stark are pursuing research at the Technion together with five other researchers from around the world. He also strives to bring many different viewpoints to the material he teaches.