Dr. Moran Balaish

Dr. Moran Balaish
Dr. Moran Balaish
Israeli Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. Balaish received her PhD from the Grand Technion Energy Program. Her research focused on the development and study of a novel fluorocarbon air-cathode/non-aqueous electrolyte system for Li-O2 batteries.


At MIT, in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, she will switch from liquid-based electrochemical energy storage to solid-state electrochemical information processing and storage. Building on the expertise she accumulated during her Ph.D. studies, she will also acquire skills to help her specialize in a relatively new field: solid-state ceramic-based memristors. These are materials which change their electrical resistance depending on their pre-history, or on the total current or charge that has passed through them. Developing reliable and cheap memristors could revolutionize the way computers operate, opening the way to neural-like information processing and storage.


As a Teaching Assistant at the Technion, she taught a General Chemistry course in the International School of Engineering. She mentored in diverse settings such as the President Peres Program for Future Scientists, SciTech (a science program for outstanding high-school students from around the world), and Select (a voluntary after-school scientific enrichment program for underprivileged students).


Moran is also a recipient of the Fulbright and Technion-MIT Postdoctoral Fellowships.