Dr. Nathan Cermak

Dr. Nathan Cermak
Dr. Nathan Cermak
Postdoctoral Scholar
2018-2019 Cohort
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Department of Physiology and Biophysics
  • Jackie Schiller Lab - Cortical Computation Lab
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Dr. Cermak earned a PhD in Computational and Systems Biology from MIT. He is interested in understanding the biophysical mechanisms by which neurons and neural networks make and maintain memories of their past activity, using computational, optical, electrical, and biochemical technologies. In the long term, he hopes to develop new ways to improve and augment normal human memory and learning. At the Technion Faculty of Medicine, in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics, he will use mice as model organisms to study how cortical neurons make computations and how they change depending on past computations. He has been recognized for excelling in many areas: scientific maturity, knowledge, creativity, the ability to work hard and a talent for learning new areas very quickly. He believes in the importance of being a good mentor, stating, “If the goal of science is to understand natural phenomena in order to ultimately improve the well-being of humankind, it’s fundamentally counterproductive to disregard the interests and happiness of students and researchers in your group.”