Dr. Omri Azencot

Dr. Omri Azencot
Dr. Omri Azencot
Israeli Postdoctoral Scholar
2017-2018 Cohort
University of California
Department of Mathematics

Dr. Azencot acquired his PhD at the Computer Science Department at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. His interest areas include geometry processing and physically-based simulations. He was involved in work related to three-dimensional shape analysis, discrete representation of tangent vector fields as well as other differential operators, and simulation of two-dimensional incompressible flows and thin films phenomena on curved surfaces.

While working on his PhD, Dr. Azencot had the honor of collaborating with researchers at École Polytechnique in France, Göttingen University in Germany, and the University of Bonn in Germany. He has received multiple awards, most notably the Adams fellowship, awarded yearly to about 10 Israeli PhD students across all fields.

His postdoctoral position is at the Department of Mathematics at UCLA, where he will be working with Prof. Andrea Bertozzi on applied math projects.