Dr. Shai Chester

Dr. Shai Chester
Dr. Shai Chester
Postdoctoral Scholar
2018-2019 Cohort
Weizmann Institute of Science
Department of Particle Physics amd Astrophysics
  • Theoretical High Energy Physics Group
  • Ofer Aharony
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Shai Chester received his PhD from Princeton in 2018 in Physics and is currently a Postdoc at Weizmann in the theoretical High Energy Physics group. He studies strongly coupled Conformal Field Theories with applications to quantum gravity and phase transitions in condensed matter physics. Regarding quantum gravity, he has discovered new aspects of String and M-theory using the holographic principle, which relates these theories of quantum gravity to conformal field theories in fewer dimensions. Regarding condensed matter physics, he has worked on conformal field theories that describe phase transitions in novel quantum magnets, which could help in the future realization of high temperature superconductivity.