Dr. Tyler Kutz

Dr. Tyler Kutz
Dr. Tyler Kutz
Postdoctoral Scholar
2020-2021 Cohort
Tel Aviv University
School of Physics & Astronomy

During his doctoral work in Physics from Stony Brook University, Tyler Kutz conducted his experimental nuclear physics research while stationed at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab) in Newport News, VA.

At the School of Physics & Astronomy of Tel Aviv University, he continues his interest in cutting-edge nuclear physics research, now working with one of the world experts in his field, short-range correlations (SRC) research.

The description of a physical system depends on the resolution at which it is probed. The lower-resolution description of nuclei is given in terms of protons and neutrons (nucleons), and the higher-resolution description in terms of quarks and gluons (partons). At the interface of these two descriptions are SRCs: pairs of strongly interacting nucleons whose separation is comparable to their radii. These pairs have important consequences for nuclear structure, hadronic physics, high-energy physics and astrophysics.

Dr. Kutz is part of two complementary experiments that will elucidate the connection between SRCs and what is known as the EMC effect (named for the European Muon Collaboration, a group of physicists who 40 years ago discovered that the quark distributions of bound nucleons in nuclei was different from their free nucleon counterparts). Dr. Kutz will be taking a leading role in analyzing the experiment.