Dr. Wade Hann-Caruthers

Dr. Wade Hann-Caruthers
Dr. Wade Hann-Caruthers
Postdoctoral Scholar
2023-2024 Cohort
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences

Wade Hann-Caruthers studied microeconomic theory at Caltech where he earned a PhD in Social Science. He found that social network structures can influence long-term, large-scale outcomes, when individuals have an incentive to defer making a decision in order to observe neighbors’ choices. He has co-authored papers in both mathematics and economics and taught “math camp” to incoming graduate students at Caltech. He focused on getting students to work together collaboratively and feel comfortable communicating incomplete or uncertain thoughts.
Dr. Hann-Caruthers does postdoctoral research with the Game Theory Group, in the Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences at Technion–Israel Institute of Technology. He continues his earlier research on mechanism design with the goal of furthering planning and decision-making policies to achieve socially desirable outcomes without privileging those with resources to manipulate outcomes.
In another area of interest, Dr. Hann-Caruthers uses the basic framework from social learning literature to understand the internal spread of information through social networks. Specifically, he hopes to gain a nuanced understanding of the role social and economic interactions play in the diffusion of and response to new information.